The Galactic Suite Spaceport will boast Magnetic Levitation Technology


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Galactic Suite



This innovative launching system will enable the spacecraft to accelerate to up to 1,000 km/h in 20 seconds.
The spaceport created by EQUIP Xavier Claramunt will cover a surface of 40,000 m2 with investment totalling 150 million euros and its design taking into consideration aspects such as sustainability and respect for the environment.

The Galactic Suite project will include a revolutionary space launch system for the very first time. The system is designed to offer maximum safety and reduce impact on the environment to a minimum.  The travel company’s team of engineers and architects has designed an infrastructure where the spacecraft will levitate using electromagnetic force and will accelerate along a Maglev launchway.  This new technology consists of an acceleration module suspended in the air above a track which is then propelled forward using repulsive and attractive magnetic forces.
After approximately reaching the speed of sound, the spacecraft will uncouple from the Maglev acceleration module. Using its rocket engine, it will then climb into the sky until it reaches orbit (450 kilometres above the earth).   After the spacecraft uncouples, the Maglev acceleration module will brake and return to its original position ready for the next launch. The launchway will be approximately 3 kilometres long, allowing the spacecraft to pick up a speed of 1,000 km/h (620 mph) in less than 20 seconds.
The company’s founders state, “Maglev technology will enable us to start commercial space flights to our hotels in orbit.  The most expensive part of the journey into Low Earth Orbit is the first few seconds – leaving the ground. This technology is very competitive with regard to costs compared to other forms of space travel and is also sustainable and inherently safe”.

A 40.000 square metre building
The Galactic Suite Spaceport which will feature a runway covering a surface of 40,000 m2. The Galactic Suite flights into orbit are planned to start from here in 2012.  An important aspect of the facility is that it has been designed to include sustainable energy systems and advanced technology.
The spaceport was created by EQUIP Xavier Claramunt in Barcelona.  The overall cost of the project totals 150 million euros. The spaceport will feature hangars for the spacecraft, the launch terminal, maintenance and workshop areas, offices and departure lounges. It will also offer all the facilities required to train future space tourists during the 16 weeks leading up to the flight as well as to help them recover after the flight.
As the architect Xavier Claramunt explains, “We took our inspiration from the outline of the existing landscape to stretch the building out into radiating beams which blend into the surrounding terrain. The buildings are designed as luminous structures which allow the spacecraft to emerge from their interior on the Maglev acceleration module while the buildings open up in layers at the same time, enabling the interior to be bathed in natural light. 
Besides the spaceport, EQUIP Xavier Claramunt is also working on the design for a hotel complex and recreation and observation area. These will be built on this Caribbean island to accommodate the space tourists and their families and will cover a further 85,000 m2.

About the Galactic Suite
Galactic Suite is a private space tourism company founded in Barcelona in 2006. It is seeking to offer the first global space tourist experience and will combine an intensive training programme for astronauts with a relaxing activity programme on a tropical island in preparation for a journey into space. 
Its ultimate aim is to bring space tourism the general public by developing the world’s first chain of space hotels. They are planning to open the first space hotel to receive their first guests in 2012.