The Galactic Suite project presents how a space hotel might be


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A team of Spanish and US architects and engineers are working on a prototype for a space hotel room
The hotel resembles a vine and the rooms would be like capsules with a large window
One of the main features is the chance to “live in 360 degrees with complete freedom”

With the aim of providing new products and services to the emerging space tourism industry, EQUIP Xavier Claramunt, an architectural firm based in Barcelona, and a group of aerospace engineers from Florida, USA, have developed a prototype space hotel room so that passengers, tourists and astronauts travelling in space will have accommodation available in which to stay.
The hotel resembles a grapevine, and a central nucleus similar to a satellite has capsule-like rooms attached to it and a large window offering great views outside. The rooms are 7 metres long by 4 metres high, with no angles or straight lines. The rooms contain nothing but protuberances around the perimeter. The guests can attach themselves to the protuberances while they eat, sleep or gaze out into space through the large windows. “The important thing,” say the designers, “is to float freely while looking outside”.
Christened the “Galactic Suite”, the project, which  is outlined on the internet at, is a giant leap forward in architecture. One of the main features of this design is that it is conceived for guests to live in 360 degrees of complete freedom, no longer restricted by the traditional up-down and left-right concepts.

A unique opportunity
EQUIP Xavier Claramunt is now looking for a consortium of hotels or travel agencies interested in developing a full-scale model. “We are convinced that society needs this product and that there is a commercial opportunity”, say the creators of the Galactic Suite. “We would like to make this project realistic and attractive enough for a group of investors to come in and develop the product commercially”.
EQUIP Xavier Claramunt is also working on the clothes that the new space tourists could wear so that they do not move while doing certain things. The team is looking at materials such as velcro and similar adherence systems to keep the travellers still. They are also studying physical situations related to gravity and the absence of sound.
The idea of the Galactic Suite was born over a year ago when people began talking about space tourism, since the architectural company is heavily involved in the hotel industry. The designers contacted a group of engineers in America who work in the space industry. “We wanted to learn about space materials and measurements, since a large part of this project is focused on how to put the hotel into space and what material should be used to build the capsule”. EQUIP Xavier Claramunt proposes putting the hotel into space from the Earth using Challenger space shuttles that would make it possible to transport three rooms attached to the central nucleus using a crane. The central nucleus would have a capacity of 22 capsules.

The team
In addition to Galactic Suite, EQUIP Xavier Claramunt, which has been in Hangzou-Shangai for the past 18 months, is also working on other projects such as developing four shopping centres in Beijing and various hotels in China. In Spain, the Barcelona company is drafting projects for companies such as Hospes, Chic&Basic, BMW, Faces (Ferran Adrià), Cosmic and Damm.
Founded in 1990, the company has 25 employees with training and experience in various fields. It works in three areas: Architecture and Interior Design, Industrial Design and Jewellery.

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