Galactic Suite Project seeking investors in the United Arab Emirates and Japan for its space hotel


Press Release


Promoters have presented their Galactic Suite project to the aerospace community at 7th International Symposium on Launching Technologies held in Barcelona

Barcelona, April 5, 2007 – The Galactic Suite Project, a group of companies which is developing the first space hotel in Spain, have presented their project at the 7th International Symposium on Launching Technologies held in Barcelona this week.
During the presentation, members of Galactic Suite Project described their technical and business plans to their audience. “We are sure there is a need for such a project from a social perspective and that there is an opportunity from a business point of view,” affirm the Galactic Suite creators.  The project has entered into partnership with CTAE (Aerospace Research and Technology Centre) and BAE (Barcelona Aeronautics and Space Association).
The promoters of the Galactic Suite are in talks with private investors from the United Arab Emirates and Japan interested in financing project implementation.
The Galactic Suite Project team presented a scale model of a project module to Andreas Rohne, Senior Vice-President at the leading company in the aerospace sector in Europe, EADS Astrium, in recognition of the support they are giving to the sector and also to signify the start of a strategic partnership.

Capsular rooms
Shaped like a bunch of grapes, the hotel features a central nucleus similar to a satellite, from which capsular rooms with large panoramic windows branch out. The rooms are 7 metres in length and 4 metres high.  Inside, there are no angles or straight lines and there are only a few protuberances along the edge where users can attach themselves while eating, sleeping or observing space through the panoramic windows.  As the designers explain, “The most important thing is to be able to float freely while observing the view outside.”
The concept for the Galactic Suite ( started over a year ago when people began to talk about tourist flights into space. The creators are very much associated with the hotel industry and saw the potential in such flights. The designers contacted a group of engineers in the US who work on space-related projects. “We wanted to learn about materials used in space and their dimensions as the approach to placing the hotel in orbit and the material for the capsules play an essential role in the design.”