First Team Summit for the Barcelona Moon Team


Press Release


Last week was held in the Isle of Man the fourth Team Summit, the first with the Barcelona Moon team, as we entered the competition real viagra online in April 2010. Marc Zaballa, team associate leader, and Ed Chester, team technical advisor from the CTAE, assisted there and joined the rest of the teams to present the current status of the project of the BMT.

Marc and Ed  met the other team’s representatives and they came back very optimistic with the team’s chances to catch up the teams which have more than three years in their backs. Some interesting cooperations with other teams were also planned and some of the European teams assisting the Team Summit will join forces to ask ESA to commit with the prize, once NASA already did it during August announcing the Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data (ILDD) which mainly benefits the American teams.

The teams were also invited to visit some space companies that are settled in the Isle of Man and also joined some youngsters very interested in space that were delighted to listen to the teams representatives personal stories!

Marc and Ed were also very glad to finally meet the XPF staff they knew mainly by email and look forward to working closer with them and the other teams to explain the world about this amazing competition.