Around The World In 80 Minutes




AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 MINUTESThe Birth Of The Homo Spacien

The spaceport was created by EQUIP Xavier Claramunt in Barcelona and the cost of the project totals 150 million euros. The spaceport will feature hangars for the spacecraft, the launch terminal, maintenance and workshop areas, offices and departure lounges. As the architect Xavier Claramunt explains, “We took our inspiration from the outline of the existing landscape to stretch the building out into radiating beams which blend into the surrounding terrain. The buildings are designed as luminous structures which allow the spacecraft to emerge from their interior on the Maglev acceleration module while the buildings open up in layers at the same time, enabling the interior to be bathed in natural light. Besides the spaceport, EQUIP Xavier Claramunt is also working on the design for a hotel complex and recreation and observation area. These will be built on this tropical island to accommodate the space tourists and their families and will cover a further 85,000 m2. The spaceship is a space tourism craft designed to carry at least four passengers and two pilot astronauts into orbit to an altitude of 400km, using a double hybrid rocket engine (DHRE) and goes from 0KM /H to 28,000 km /h in 10 minutes. The Galactic Suite project will include a revolutionary space launch system for the very first time. This innovative launching system will enable the spacecraft to accelerate along a launchway approximately 3 kilometres long to up to 1,000 km/h (620 mph) in 20 seconds. The system is designed to offer maximum safety and reduce impact on the environment to a minimum. The space tourism company’s team of engineers and architects has designed an infrastructure where the spacecraft will levitate using electromagnetic force and will accelerate along a Maglev guideway. This new technology consists of an acceleration module suspended in the air above a track which is then propelled forward using repulsive and attractive magnetic forces. After approximately reaching the speed of sound, the spacecraft will uncouple from the Maglev acceleration module then using its rocket engine, it will climb into the sky until it reaches orbit at 450 kilometres above the earth. After the spacecraft uncouples, the Maglev acceleration module will brake and return to its original position ready for the next launch. The company’s founders state, “Maglev technology will enable us to start commercial space fights to our hotels in orbit. The most expensive part of the journey into Low Earth Orbit is the first few seconds – leaving the ground. This technology is very competitive with regard to costs compared to other forms of space travel and is also sustainable and inherently safe”. The astronaut’s arrive at the space hotel which is a bio-inspired orbital station, designed as a space habitat structure with a central enclosed area from which the modules will be interconnected to the docking port. Each of the modules will have a sliding window to enhance the spectacular views of the earth. During their stay, the space tourists will participate in international space experiments The Company has already contacted various scientific organizations interested in making use of the space tourists in zero gravity to obtain samples. Also during this amazing journey imagine being in a weightless spa and watching 15 sunsets in one day and experiencing zero gravity floating while gazing at our beautiful blue planet. Or imagine being in orbit and completing one revolution around the world in 80 minutes. It may still sound like science fiction but the space hotel will be ready to welcome its first guests in 2012. The Barcelona-based company is aiming to develop an “orbital hotel chain” with modular space accommodation based on the natural growth of a grapevine. The chain will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 450 km (300 miles). Galactic Suite Project has presented the frst space tourism package to include preparation, transport and accommodation in an orbital hotel. According to Xavier Claramunt and Marsal Gifra, the directors of Galactic Suite Project, “this is the frst package deal, as it includes transport from the tourist’s home to the Caribbean island, the training required for journeys into orbit, the fight to the hotel and three nights of accommodation in the Galactic Suite”. Founded in 2007 Galactic Suite Limited is a private space tourism company that builds and develops cutting edge concepts to create a fully integrated space tourism experience. The Galactic Suites management team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have worked with the leading aerospace organizations and add to this Project many years of experience in managing space projects.