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And it certainly a “live a little” situation.

And it certainly a “live a little” situation.As for you, you might want to first invest in more appreciating, revenue generating assets if you can (such as rental property in the right area). Buy the car next year when the same car is only 30k and you already making money from your second rental.

If you have music files on your phone, those can be played using the Sync system. Your selection would be “bluetooth audio”. I have used this feature before and using the voice commands to do so are virtually useless. The dash screen doesn’t help either. I have found the only way I can play music from my phone is to select bluetooth audio from the dash screen which will open your windows media player on your phone and then manually starting the playlist from the phone itself.

You in LA, in addition to the high monthly BMW lease payments, the $500 annual car registration fees, mandatory $2k/year full coverage car insurance, higher premium fuel usage at $5/gal, replacement runflat tires at $1500 a set, BMW $900 lease acquisition, $500 lease turn in fees, extra miles charges, and “outside the norm wear tear” costs at lease turn in will eat you alive.

OP, I am confused you think people are pretentious for driving a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes. Basically they have a character flaw. I get that. Fine your opinion. But what I DONT get is how you are judging people by their material things but think that people that had those things are a snob. Why are YOU focusing on the material. THAT is so confusing to me.

You already have a head start with no cc or student loan debt, so stay ahead of game. Also build up a rainy day, emergency fund of liquid investments, you never know when you will get sick/ loose a job. Besides that, buying a 45 65k car on an 80k salary would not be advisable unless OP had significant savings.

And I paid more than yours. (Used i3s seem to be more expensive here.)I just bought a CPO REx just a few weeks ago. Mine is fully loaded with giga interior, and out the door price was around 24k. I love it! I make a 60 mile commute everyday to work and back, and it so great passing the gas station every day.

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Accessories What makes cabinetry these days so different than it was 15 years ago is the interior storage items that are now available. Plate storage, spice pull outs, towel racks, mixer lift outs, and adjustable roll out trays have made cabinetry so much more user friendly and modular. With the imported cabinets, you will be forced to accessorize your storage needs yourself, hoping that the roll out you bought at Lowes fits the cabinet you bought from China. Any storage items that do come with your cabinet are of lower quality, typically a white coated wire.

Meanwhile BMW has that plastic aluminum everywhere and the black plastic everything. I’d bet it’s the most plastic of the 4 brands. But don’t take my word for it. The CEO is on the verge of being fired for low profits and the answer has been lower overhead and cut motorsports.

You say the cars you bought cost you less than you make in a single pay cheque, so I think it pretty safe to assume a relatively cheap car like a Feista or Transit isn much of a stretch for you financially. You also say you would have loved a Merkur or 323 GTX but they difficult to find in good condition 바카라사이트 and you didn want to deal with the hassle of daily driving an old rare car, in other words you didn want to put too much of your own time or effort into it. It sounds a hell of a lot like the Fiesta was the car you settled for because it was the more sensible and practical option, and I wouldn call the car you buy because it takes less effort than the other cars you wanted your dream car.

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For the past month or so I’ve been on a bandwagon about money, elitism, thieving corporate boards of directors, wayward politicians, and the just plain teeming arrogance from the top looking down at the rest of the population as bottom feeding, low life, underperforming, unskilled, and just plain worthless piles with their hands out, to put it very bluntly. I’ve tried to make my point this way and that way, and every way but Sunday. And really, in all I’ve only probably served to overcomplicate the matter at hand.

The front end of the Vision iNext features a new version of BMW’s trademark “kidney” grill, which features two rounded rectangles. In the Vision iNext, the rectangular shapes are connected by a broad center section, creating something like a massive letter H. This grill is largely cosmetic, however, since a large radiator isn’t needed on a fully electric car. A major reason for this center section is to cover the front mounted cameras and sensors that enable the car’s self driving capabilities.

The Verdict: In addition to the fantastic engine, the Celica has all the practicality of a hatchback. It is also front wheel drive. Although this is less fun than an RWD sports car, your parents (if you’re still in high school) and insurance agent will probably appreciate it! Another thing to keep in mind is the legendary reliability of Toyota cars. You can count on this lasting well past 100k miles without anything more than oil, brake pads, and tires. If something does go wrong, the parts for this car are cheap.

This is just one example in HS, but the entire game is full of others. As a whole it makes it much easier for a twitch viewer who is not familiar with the game or missed the first part of a game to turn on a stream and immediately understand the game state and keep up with the rest of the game as it’s played.

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I have navigation info projected on the windshield when using the default Gps but not when using CarPlay.You must also understand that from the main os’s POV CarPlay is just a single other screen.Siri integration is okay for basic commands. Maps is okay with updated traffic information.Problem is you can’t use Siri in multiple languages which limit some more advanced features like dictating text in your native language if you want siri in English.

We lost a cop near me a while back blown away while walking up to a traffic stop. It’s real easy to second guess these cops when they’re not you, not [/i] your[/i] father or your spouse. Were my spouse a traffic cop now, I would almost demand that she have a weapon in hand when walking to a stopped car.

Should I go for it or not?Maybe they have better colors in Abu Dhabi as they get a lot of those “Individual” colors by default but what a lot of people don realize is any car bought from BMW Abu Dhabi does not have the ConnectedDrive features so things like being able to control your car and locate it via the smartphone BMW Connected app doesn work, and live traffic feature doesn work that a big deal for me as the GPS will offer you an alternative faster route should it detect traffic congestion.

Then enters the ATS, It had 1 owner who put less than 10k miles on it per year and was everything seemed basically brand new. It was in a much better condition, had way more tech, AND it was a few thousand dollars cheaper than the BMW, it was a no brainer. These are the types of cars that I love to buy because they are such a steal on the pre owned market. Now, buying these brand new is a different story but I never do such a thing with most vehicles.

Maintenance can be expensive. Once your car is out of warranty, all repairs will need to be covered by you. There are extended warranty options, but those are expensive as well. Despite Mini brand cars becoming more common, the repairs can be very expensive. So if you purchase one, be prepared for that if your car starts to have issues.

Really? You never used the facilities at a gas station? Let be real, we all know what we talking about here. Gas you can pump quick and get 300 500+ miles of range (I would routinely get 550 miles highway on a tank in my manual Accord), EVs are not there right now.

How hard is it to understand that looking at bouncing tits can make someone think about sex? I feel like I literally talking to some sort of early general AI that doesn truly understand anything yet but is pretty good at writing words to seem like it can form thoughts. This is seriously fucked. Did no one teach you how to critically think??

It could be a BMW thing. I have heard BMWs are some of the hardest to get a good install in. Was he installing it in a side seat and not the center? No car seat is safe to be installed in the center of a BMW (sedans I know for sure). The European sport style seats are not compatible with a center installation. For us, the seat just moved more than he would like, so we are getting help. When meeting with a CPS technician, they ask that you have installed it to the best of your ability ahead of time and they will check your install and help you learn about a proper install and your seat. Our appointment is an hour long and it covers our seat installs and complete car seat safety.

Anyway, I not trying to preach to you, because I don know anything about you. I just wanted to share my perspective. Probably because I horribly depressed so I understand on some level. Just don be fooled into believing that killing yourself is only going to affect you. It won You be driving a dagger straight into her soul.

They don’t need to win one Sunday to help sell on Monday. People will buy BMWs regardless and having a winning reputation won’t likely do much to boost sales. Just looking and riding their first iteration of the S1KRR it is very street oriented and friendly bike compared to the rest of the superbikes being sold.Even with current concession perks for returning and new manufacturers, there isn’t a significant enough of an incentive to build a prototype to the standards of Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki right now.

There also Nikon 70 200/2.8 AF S lenses of course, but, of course, they more money too. The 80 200/4 AF S VR is also very good I have that one at work and if you know you never need/want f/2.8, it is worth looking at. The old 80 200/2.8 AF S was very good but they all had motor issues and there were no parts to fix them anymore so unless something changed, I avoid them. There also the 80 200 AF D but that a manual focus lens on your D3500. If you need even more reach, there the 200 500/5.6 VR. I let someone else give you the rundown on the other 3rd party lenses and there all sorts of options if you want to spend a lot of money on lenses.

This is true of all cars, even Hondas of that era (specifically the Accord Traction Control pump). Things like that are NCT fails too.Do you know a good independent mechanic? If not, find one.For 2k, an E90 will have interstellar mileage at this point too.Ask about the Swirl flaps and if they have been replaced.

Another comment you mention a cheap series define cheap. You may find some local ish oval tracks that offer an inexpensive 4 cylinder or V8 class, which is some of the only racing aside from karting I can think of where you can run a whole season for under $10k. Knowing what kind of budget you dealing with will be helpful. There is a huge difference between what you can run with a budget of $1k or $10k or $100k.

The HAGI Top Index, which includes 50 models from 19 brands, is down 5.4% year to date but overall has an annualized rate of return of 13% in 38 years. HAGI’s Ferrari Index by comparison has fallen nearly 7% in the same time frame but had seen double digit growth rates until 2016. Its annualized rate of return is 14.8% since launching 38 years ago.

The Verdict: The MR 2 is a surprisingly fuel efficient sports car with a mid engined layout and rear wheel drive performance. With a huge aftermarket following, it won’t be difficult to find parts and modifications to spec the car up to wherever you want it. It’s going to be hard to find a better handling car at this price point!

The media would have you believe Tesla is in trouble. The reality is the situation is dire for other car manufactures. They are years behind, they are struggling to get batteries and the batteries they get are sub par. They don have the numbers to train a neuronet the way Tesla can. Tesla has created a drop in sales for most auto makers many 10% loss and growing. Service centers and charging are growing by the day and the competitions charging options will leave customers stranded.

Spitballin here.$250K gross $60K taxes (guess) $37K 401Ks $60K expenses $36K to savings leaves $57K. Sure. Pay it off in a year.Word of caution. I went down this road. Was always frugal. Got to where I could afford it. Got a real nice 5 series just out of its 4 year warranty (new would have been affordable but this seemed like what I wanted at a better value).

Cheap SupercarsOkay, let’s make one thing clear there probably isn’t anything called a ‘cheap’ Supercar. In America, any new mid engined Ferrari 458 Italia or a Lamborghini Gallardo would still retail for over USD 300,000.00 (or over half a mil in Australia, thanks to our taxes!). In other words, buying even a small supercar can be the same spending that amount of money on an average priced house.

BUT. We never see a gas station on the regular (before you get stuck on nitpicking, I mean not a gas station because the thing doesn take gas, but also primarily mean equivalent SuperCharger, as in something you HAVE to stop at in order to refill energy). Until our first roadtrip, and we own two, count them, 2 M3 LRs for a combined 12+ months (one for 8 mo, the other for an overlapped 4 mo), we had never been to a Supercharger.

14) Joe Biden. He riding on Obama coattails. His policy positions haven changed form 2008, and they weren even good in 2008. He slower and even more tone death now, and he wasn particularly fast before. He came off as absolutely condescending and sleazy with all the negative traits of a Boomer. He doesn even have the gravitas expected of a senior statesman anymore, everyone was easily able to force him onto the defensive and his whole platform seemed to be “I going to take credit for Obama things and double down on all the Obama things that didn work out”.

주인이다 ‘라고 말했다.전쟁을 끝내기 위해 협력했

연료 풍부하고 널리 사용할 수 있습니다.예를 들어, 한 만화책 악역가는 위키 피 디아에서 주목할바카라사이트한 것이 아니지만, 특히 만화책에 관한 위키에서는 자체 페이지를 갖는 것이 합리적으로 합당합니다.Nnn nMichael Barnett : 아직 특정 특징이 있습니다.그녀는 CBS 뉴스와의 인터뷰에서 ‘우리가 졸 (pawns)으로 사용되는 것은 불행한 일’이라고 말했다.’제이크가 일종의 이중 생활을하게하는 도전을 계속하려고 노력했다.학교에서 가정비를 책정하는 데 가장 좋은 방법은 순 가격 계산기를 사용하는 것입니다.차이점은 물론 당신이 말한 것은 다른 단어가 아니라 마지막 단어입니다.같은 방식으로 우리는 돈 애호가를 비난하지만, 돈과 자아는 모두 모든 사람들이 사랑하는 것입니다.다른 모든 사람들이 말했듯이, 그냥지지를 보내고, 상황이 좋지 않을 경우, 아내가 자신이 편안하게 느끼는 것을 결정하고 자신의 페이스대로 다시 시도하십시오.’트럼프 장관이 러시아 수사에온라인카지노 자신을 피하면서 반복적으로 비판 한 Jeff Sessions 법무 장관에 대해 대통령은’이 사람은 정신적으로 지체가있다 ‘며’그는 바보 같은 남부 주인이다 ‘라고 말했다.전쟁을 끝내기 위해 협력했던 세계 지도자들.

같은 시간에 서로를 식별하는 계산..Marvel은 3

간호사가 T2처럼 먹기 시작해야한다고했습니다.그들은 자신의 목숨을 통제 할 수 없었지바카라사이트, 똥 양말을 통제 할 수있었습니다.네.우리가 어느 선박도 외부 지원을받지 않는다고 가정하기 때문에, 출현의 시작은 각 선박이 상대방을 어떻게 식별하고 목표를 정하는 지에 달려 있습니다 .Zumwalt와 Wisconsin이 비교 가능한 헬리콥터 (그리고 무인 항공기)를 사용한 이후, 대략 200 해리의 범위에서 대략 같은 시간에 서로를 식별하는 계산..Marvel은 3 월 7 일에 영화관에 있습니다..구매자들은 사라졌고 대출은 사라졌고 그 방식으로 되돌아 가지 않을 것이라고 그는 말했다.출생, 그리고 / 또는 그녀가 그녀의 아기가있는 후에.Wells Fargo의 은행 감독관은’실망했다 ‘슬로안은 Wells 규제 당국이이를 준수 할 수있는 모든 것을 다하고있다.그리고 누구든지.왜냐하면 그들의 짐승이 싸움에서 나를 처음으로 죽이거나 그 안에 누군가를 잡기에는 너무 멀리 떨어져 있기 때문이다.그 방은 비어 있었고, 그녀는 그녀가 그녀의 여주인을 찾으러 갔는지, 또는 그녀가 그곳에 있었는지 이해하지 못했는지 의아하게 생각한 시간을두고 그를 떠났고, 그가 시계를 감을 수 있다고 생각했다.귀하는 제 3 자 콘텐츠 사용에 따른 위험을 감수해야하며, 그러한 제 3 자 콘텐츠와 관련하여 거래를 진행하기 전에 필요한 조치를 취해야합니다..모든 일이 잘 진행되고 있음에도 불구하고 뭔가 잘못 될 것입니다.그리고 우리는 거대한 것을 만들었다.나는 인신 매매가 저기에 내려와있는 상황에 대해 이야기하고 있습니다.오늘날 오바마는 대온라인카지노로 인기가있다.

Galactic Suite Moon Race: Chang’e3 comparative analysis

Galactic Suite Moon Race: a new year is landing
Last weeks we have seen how Chang’e-3 landed on the Moon surface and released the Yutu rover. Barcelona Moon Team mission will be similar in many aspects, but not in all of them. Here there are some differences between both missions.

First: the launcher vehicle.

Chang’e 3 was launched on 1 December 2013 atop a Long March 3B rocket flying from Launch Complex 2 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in the southwestern province of Sichuan. BMT will also be launching from the Xichang Complex, but the BMT lander module will be atop a 2 liquid stages Long March 2C with an additional solid upper stage CTS-2 for lunar transfer orbit insertion.

Second: the Moon landing.
Chang’e 3 entered a 100 km-high circular lunar orbit on 6 December 2013. Later, the spacecraft adopted a 15 km × 100 km elliptic orbit. The landing took place one week later, on 14 December. At periapsis, its variable thrusters were again fired in order to reduce its velocity, descending to 100 m above the Moon’s surface. It hovered at this altitude, moving horizontally under its own guidance to avoid obstacles, before slowly descending to 4 m above the ground, at which point its engine was shut down for a free-fall onto the lunar surface. The landing sequence took about 12 minutes to complete. Topographic data from the Chang’e 1 and 2 orbiters were used to select a landing site for Chang’e 3. The planned landing site was Sinus Iridum, but the lander actually descended on Mare Imbrium, about 40 km south of the 6 km diameter Laplace F crater, at 44.1214°N, 19.5116°W (2640 m elevation), on 14 December 2013, with a landing mass of 1,200 kg, it also carried and deployed the 140 kg rover.
BMT lunar lander will also insert in a circular 100km circular lunar orbit from where it will perform crater recognition before receiving the break off command. After that the lander will autonomously perform a propelled descent until softly touch down about 15 minutes later.

Third: the rover descent on the Moon.
Yutu, the Chinese rover, descent to lunar surface over tracks deployed by Chang’e-3. It serves double-duty as a technology demonstrator to be further refined for the planned 2018 Chang’e 5 sample-return mission. Unfortunately, Yutu seems to have had some problems during its preparation for the lunar night.
BMT rover will “fall” to the Moon surface from its loaded position on the lander side, but due to Moon minor gravity will slowly touchdown and be ready to start roving to achieve 500 meters and wind the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Galactic Suite Moon Race: a new year is landing

Galactic Suite Moon Race: a new year is landing

Dear friends and followers,

Barcelona Moon Team is completing its fourth year in the GLXP competition. In this competition every year is important but this one is exceptional. During this year we have been completing the mission design and hardware has been built both in the lander and rover systems. Rover is already roaming in our white rooms waiting for the completion of the lander module that will bring its brother flight model to the Moon surface. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Moon Race unveils new lander and rover modules

Galactic Suite Moon Race . Barcelona Moon Team Unveils New Lander and Rover Modules

Press Release
Galactic Suite


The Spanish team has selected European Robotics Week to present the robot they will send to the moon in pursuit of winning the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE.

MADRID (​​November28, 2013)–Barcelona Moon Team, the Spanish team registered in the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, presented today its lander and rover modules during the European Robotics Week.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized competition to date, challenges privately funded teams from around the world to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon. Once landing on the moon, the robot must travel 500 meters and transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth. The Google Lunar XPRIZE is one of four active competitions from the XPRIZE Foundation, the leading organization solving the world’s Grand Challenges by creating and managing large-scale, incentivized competitions to bring about technological breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. Continue reading

Galactic Suite shifts launch date for the Barcelona Moon Team lunar mission to June 2015

Galactic Suite shifts launch date for the Barcelona Moon Team lunar mission to  June 2015

Press Release
Galactic Suite


Barcelona Moon Team reviewed its technical milestones calendar to include the integration of the propulsion system in China.

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(Barcelona, ​​September 1, 2013) – The Barcelona-based company, Galactic Suite, leading the industrial conglomerate, Barcelona Moon Team, announced June 2015 as the new date to launch the Spanish robot to the Moon in itsattemptto win the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized competition offered to date, challenges people from across the globe to build and launch a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. Once landing on the moon, the spacecraft must also complete a series of exploration and transmission tasks. The Google Lunar XPRIZE is one of three active competitions from XPRIZE Foundation, a leading organization solving some of the world’s biggest challenges by creating and managing large-scale, global competitions that stimulate investment in research and development, often worth far more than the prize itself. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Space Resort: the experience

Galactic Suite Space Resort Experience

GALACTIC SUITE believes that space tourism will contribute significantly to economic growth and hence global welfare, as well as to promote peace through shared international activities in space.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways. For example, a set of fundamental technologies that cuts across all industries/sectors could be leveraged, and benefits derived from the employment they create. From health and medicine to leisure and entertainment, space tourism will bring new business opportunities and new technologies that will be revolutionizing the way we live and work. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Space Resort: la experiencia

Galactic Suite Space Resort

GALACTIC SUITE cree que el turismo espacial contribuirá significativamente al crecimiento económico y, de ese modo, al bienestar general, así como a la promoción de la paz en el desarrollo de las actividades espaciales.

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Son muchos los caminos para conseguir este fin. Uno de ellos es el desarrollo de tecnologías fundamentales que traspasarán el sector espacial para revertir en otras industrias y sectores, que van a beneficiarse del empleo creado. Desde salud y medicina a ocio y espectáculo, el turismo espacial traerá nuevas oportunidades de negocio y nuevas tecnologías que revolucionarán la manera en que vivimos y trabajamos. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Moon Race . What if you could mine the Moon?

What if you could mine the Moon?

Digital News
BBC News

United Kingdom


[...] “We know that there’s water on the Moon, which is a game-changer for the solar system. Water is rocket fuel. It also can support life and agriculture. So exploring the Moon commercially is a first step towards making the Moon part of our world, what humanity considers our world,” says Bob Richards, CEO of Silicon Valley-based Moon Express, one of 25 companies racing to win the $30m in Google Lunar X Prizes.

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It is considered to be among the top-three teams in the running for the prize. The other two are Pittsburgh-based Astrobiotic and Barcelona Moon Team.

Google’s $20m first prize will be awarded to the first privately funded company to land a robot on the Moon that successfully explores the surface by moving at least 500m and sends high-definition video back to Earth.[...]
Continue reading

Galactic Suite Moon Race . Barcelona Moon Team team leader at Altran Magazine

Barcelona Moon Team team leader at Altran Magazine




Barcelona Moon Team leader and Galactic Suite CEO, Xavier Claramunt, attended some weeks ago an interview, which is released now in the Altran Magazine in Spain.

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In the interview, Claramunt presents its view on the Spanish space sector, which will be deeply affected by the general crisis involving Spain last years: the Spanish budget at ESA will be reduced drastically and so will be the contracts to the Spanish companies due to the georeturn policy in the European Space Agency. In this way, projects such as the Barcelona Moon Team are very important for the Spanish industry for it introduces private investment into viagra jelly uk the sector. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Moon Race . Una empresa china lanzará un robot español a la luna en junio de 2014

Una empresa china lanzará un robot español a la luna en junio de 2014>download




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16.08.2012 (BARCELONA-EFE) La empresa china Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) lanzará a la luna, en junio de 2014, el Barcelona Moon Team, el robot español que compite en el Google Lunar X Price, dotado con 15 millones de euros, un concurso internacional en el que participan 19 países.
El lanzamiento, que se ha formalizado en París entre Yin Liming, presidente de CGWIC, y Xavier Claramunt, presidente de Galactic Suite y líder del equipo Barcelona Moon Team, se realizará con un lanzador Long March 2C con una tercera etapa CTS2 para la inserción en órbita de transferencia lunar.
El cohete llevará el módulo español que, una vez liberado, realizará las operaciones de corrección y frenado para la inserción en órbita lunar, antes de aterrizar en la superficie de la luna para empezar a efectuar las tareas de exploración y transmisión que se marcan en el concurso. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Signs Contract with Chinese Launcher to Send Rover to the Moon in June 2014

Galactic Suite Signs Contract with Chinese Launcher to Send Rover to the Moon in June 2014

Press Release
Galactic Suite



Barcelona Moon Team will be the first among 25 teams worldwide to attempt winning the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE

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The Barcelona-based company, Galactic Suite, leading the industrial conglomerate, Barcelona Moon cheap viagra professional Team, announced it has signed a launch service contract for a Chinese rocket that will carry the Spanish robot to the Moon in June 2014 to attempt to win the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE, the largest incentivized competition offered to date, challenges space professionals and engineers from across the globe to build and launch to the moon a privately funded spacecraft capable of completing a series of exploration and transmission tasks. The Google Lunar X PRIZE is one of four active competitions from X PRIZE Foundation, the leading nonprofit organization for creating and managing large-scale, global incentivized competitions. Continue reading

Galactic Suite’s space hotel will have a star gate


Press Release
Galactic Suite



The habitation and service modules will be completed with a fifth called “Star Gate”.
The complexity of the project delays the launch of its first module to 2014.

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(Barcelona, January 13th, 2012). The Barcelona based space tourism company Galactic Suite, explained that its planned space hotel will also have an additional module to allow the space tourists for short spacewalks or EVAs, acronym for extra vehicular activities.

This new module will be the last to join the station and it will have hatches that will allow isolate it completely to the rest of the station before opening the gate to an even more amazing journey: the canada’s 1 pharmacy view of the stars and the Earth without any other mediation than the spacesuit. Continue reading

El hotel espacial de Galactic Suite tendrá una puerta a las estrellas


Press Release
Galactic Suite
GALACTIC SUITE generic levitra australia SPACE RESORT



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Los módulos de habitación y servicio se completarán con un quinto llamado “Puerta Estelar”
La complejidad del proyecto retrasa el lanzamiento de su primer módulo para el 2014.

La compañía de turismo espacial Galactic Suite, con sede en Barcelona, ha explicado que su hotel espacial en proyecto dispondrá de un módulo adicional para permitir la salida de los turistas espaciales al espacio para realizar breves paseos espaciales o EVAs, siglas inglesas para actividad extra-vehicular.

Este nuevo módulo será el último en ensamblarse a la estación y dispondrá de escotillas que permitirán aislarlo completamente del resto de la estación antes de abrir la compuerta a un viaje más alucinante todavía: la vista de las estrellas y la Tierra sin más mediación que el propio traje de astronauta. Continue reading

China financiará la mitad del proyecto español para enviar un robot a la luna





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Barcelona, 3 abr (EFE).- La empresa China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) financiará la mitad del proyecto español que trabaja para poner un robot en la luna en el año 2015, el Barcelona Moon Team, que supone una inversión de 50 millones de euros, según ha informado a Efe Xavier Claramunt, líder del equipo.

Claramunt ha señalado que CGWIC, una empresa pública china, financiará con 25 millones de euros los buy levitra online subsistemas de propulsión y el lanzamiento del cohete que colocará en la órbita hacia la luna la nave espacial que llevará el robot, con el que España compite por el Google Lunar X Prize. Continue reading

China financiará la mitad del proyecto español para enviar un robot a la luna


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CGWIC pagará el coste de los subsistemas de propulsión y del lanzamiento del cohete que colocará en la órbita hacia la luna la nave en la que viajará la máquina

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Barcelona. (Efe).- La empresa China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) financiará la mitad del proyecto español que trabaja para poner un robot en la luna en el año 2015, el Barcelona Moon Team, que supone una inversión de 50 millones de euros, según ha informado a Efe Xavier Claramunt, líder del equipo.

Claramunt ha señalado que CGWIC, una empresa pública china, financiará con 25 millones de euros los subsistemas de propulsión y el lanzamiento del cohete que colocará en la órbita hacia la luna la nave espacial que llevará el robot, con el que España compite por el Google Lunar X cheapest viagra online Prize. Continue reading

Galactic Suite Moon Race . BMT presents its team with the incorporation of China Great Wall Industry Corporation as a launch provider


Press Release
Galactic Suite



(Barcelona, ​​March 19, 2012).  Barcelona Moon Team, the only Spanish based team in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, has signed an agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation.  The agreement completes the team’s capabilities in the lunar mission areas requiring the entry of foreign technology partners. The Chinese company will provide the team with the launch vehicle and propulsion system to place the Barcelona Moon Team spacecraft into lunar orbit, from where it can deploy the robot that ultimately will conduct the international competition objectives. To win the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a privately-funded team must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high definition video and images back to Earth. Continue reading